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Международная одимпиада – отличная возможность пообщаться с единомышленниками из других стран



14 апреля студенты Ивановского энергетического государственного университета встретились со своими «коллегами» - студентами технического университета города Дармштадт, Германия. Студенты Дармштадского технического университета принимают участие в международной олимпиаде по теоретической и общей электротехнике имени М.О. Доливо-Добровольского среди студентов электротехнических и электроэнергетических специальностей.
Ребята с интересом обсуждали вопросы образования и трудоустройства в России и Германии, рассказывали, как проводят свободное время, какие книги читают, фильмы смотрят и в какие компьютерные игры играют.
Студенты специальности «Переводчик в сфере профессиональной коммуникации» поделились своими впечатлениями:

"It was a good experience to meet students from Germany who study in technical university too. We discussed the issues of education in our countries. I was very shocked when Germans said that there is a stereotype in Germany about Russians that they are very good mathematicians. It was a nice meeting. I'd like to meet them once more."
Ушаков Михаил

I’m really excited with the meeting. I found out that the Germans are exactly as the Russians. When I was told about the conference, I was trying to find the Germans willing to recognize foreigners, but I couldn’t.
One of the things that unites us is Computer Games. One of the Germans, Tim, is streaming computer games to the popular service – “Twitch”. I’ve got his contacts and I’m going to follow him on his channel.
To sum up I’d like to say that I really enjoyed the meeting and would like to participate in events like that some more times.
Сидоров Александр

I want to tell about my impressions about yesterday's talk with the Germans.
At first, I was surprised that guys were so friendly, positive and easy to talk to. I have always imagined the German as strict, humorless and stiff people.
Secondly, though I kept silent, the conversation was really a good experience to listen to English speech and to talk with people from another country. I'm very glad that we could find the common interests, for example, TV serials, languages, music.
So, in my opinion it was a useful meeting and if there are more meeting like that, it can help students to study English.
Yekaterina Yershova, 1-26xx

Today we have had an informal meeting with German students. They came to our university to take part in the international student competition on theoretical basis of electrical engineering. During our meeting, we were talking about politics, life and students` experience. I speak with foreigners not for the first time, but after today`s talks I was really impressed, much inspired bythese nice and clever people.
And I really enjoyed chatting with them.
Today I indeed have understood that my English classes are useful and give me a unique opportunity to break through barriers of the language and to exchange thoughts with people from other countries.
Friendly speaking, I`m really proud of my teachers, who gives me good knowledge in speech practice, grammar usage and text analysis.
Sure, we exchanged contacts with each other (I mean German students) and have already found one another in social sites.
In conclusion, I would like to say that this very day was amazing as there`s not always a good chance to speak with clever people and check up my knowledge in English.
Святов Андрей

I can say that this meeting really impressed me.
I like the way of informal communication. Different topics were discussed such as politics, education system in Germany and Russia, stereotypes of the two countries and of course, we also talked about interests. I am glad that we share some ideas and interests.
I am looking forward to future cooperation.
Эллина Щуровская

I would like to share my impression after the meeting with the Germans.
First of all, I can say that it was very useful for me as for the future worker with the language. Such meetings are a good experience of communication with people who come from abroad.
But the main thing was of course the process of communication. At the beginning of the meeting, it was a bit difficult to ask a question to the guests but in a few minutes the confusion disappeared. I understood that Russian and German students are not as different as I imagined. For example, I was very surprised when I found out that one of the Germans has read the work by L.N.Tolstoy “Anna Karenina”. It is one of my favorite novels! What a pity but I forgot his name. It’s difficult for me to remember names of people from another country, I haven’t get used to them yet. For me it doesn’t matter what to speak about. My main goal is just to spend a good and interesting time together.
In conclusion, I want to add that such meetings are also the perfect way just to relax and to raise up my mood. In these moments I forget about all my problems and just take pleasure from the communication with unknown people, especially from the other countries. I hope it was not the last acquaintance with such interesting people
Юлия Шапина

As for me I think that it's always a good experience to speak to foreign people, especially to students. We have a lot of common interests, for example they like the same music I do, also we enjoy watching the same TV shows such as Game of Thrones. It was a surprise for me to hear that they enjoy Russian literature.
Регина Пелевина

During the communication with German students it was interesting to know that they can easily find a well-paid job in Germany or abroad
Александр Костерин

I'd like to share my impression about the meeting with boys from Germany. It was very interesting and amazing to listen to them and to understand what they told about. The most interesting topic for me was their trips. I was surprised that they can travel around Europe without a visa. It's very cool that they can visit many countries. So, I'd like to live in Europe. Also I'm very proud I'm taking this English course. It helps me achieve new results.
Анастасия Павлычева

It was a fantastic meeting, exciting and unforgettable! I was glad to practice my English in a real situation. The Germans were very talkative. There were a lot of themes of conversation during the meeting. I was impressed that Aleksandr and I saw the same film – LOST. We got a decision that John Lock and Jack Shepard were incredible heroes. Do you think so?
Александр Святов

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